As an exhibitor at the fair, you have the opportunity to present your craft to anyone who may be interested in the subject.

Have a good chat with other exhibitors and get inspired for new designs or materials. In addition, as an exhibitor you also have the opportunity to sell your products, both to visitors or if other exhibitors should be interested.

If you want to be an exhibitor - whether you are a designer, artist, business owner or have a hobby project in the garage - read more below about how to book a stand. We look forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor.

Practical information:

  • As an exhibitor, you can book a stand during booking. Here, prices and sizes of the individual stands will appear.

  • Our stand plan can be found further down. Once you have found the desired stand number, you can book.

  • It is not possible for a stand to be double booked. When a purchase is completed, the stand will be sold out.  

  • After the payment is completed, an invoice will be sent with information about the purchase

  • Veteranforeningen Sønderborg (former people from the defense) is responsible for ticket sales, access control and security in the halls at night.

  • Indentation on the stand from kl. 15 Friday the 20th of May and dismantling of stand until kl. 22 on the last day.

  • Just like visitors, exhibitors can buy food and drinks in the fair's cafeteria.

  • As always, there is free coffee for those who exhibit during the fair.

  • If you need accommodation if you come from far away, a place can be reserved at Sønderborg camping. There are also other options in and around Sønderborg which can be found at e.g. Airbnb or hotels on