Blæksprutterne is a self-owned association in Sønderborg and has existed since 2005. The association does voluntary, social work and at the same time functions as a meeting place for people who have free time during the day. Our activities and projects range widely, but some of them are the shaping of stone and glass. Several times a year, our own member magazine "Sugekoppen" is published where you can read articles about what is happening in the association. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The trade fair concept

We have several years of experience with large markets - with up to 150 stands. Als Messer is a completely new concept, where the mission is that designers, artists, companies or the hobby project in the garage can come and exhibit and sell jewelry and other art in stone and glass. In addition, some of the exhibitors will be people from the association, who will present stones and glass that have been produced in the workshop. We hope this will delight all our visitors with a large exciting selection of creative products. The prices at the stands are set at a level where we believe that the content at the fair reaches a certain quality. Both in terms of design and to provide the opportunity for knowledge sharing between exhibitors and visitors.


Other fairs can be found at the links below.